Hidden Links Golf


This is an Atlanta-based company that specializes in booking group golfing tours around the world. They arrange an all-inclusive travel package that consists of flights, accommodations, and all golf-related activities. They asked our team at AirTight Design to update their website with a more modern look and feel, and I was the lead on the design.

The first step was to update the logo (as shown above) with a new font and graphic treatment using their iconic abandoned building. But after much discussion, the client ultimately chose a design that was a minor update that kept the original font.


The use of photography is key to a site like this, which aims to showcase the inherent beauty of golf courses around the world. With that, we incorporated large full-screen images as a backdrop to the content. Slideshows on all pages are used throughout to give visual identity to specific locations.

The site is broken up into Countries, Regions, and Featured Courses. It is crucial for the user to be able to navigate to each with clear direction.

Another main attraction is the Tour Fitting trip planner. We condensed a rather large form into digestible chunks, with your status indicated by a golfer graphic as you progress through the questionnaire. The form will save the data as it moves through each step.

Note: This site is still under development by AirTight Design. Please check back to Hidden Links Golf soon to see the final product.


Original website design


hidden-links-homepage-redesignRedesigned Hompepage

Tour Fitting

hidden-links-tour-fitting-redesignRedesigned Tour Fitting Page

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