Manheim Express

About the Project

“Committed to giving dealers greater control and options for how and when they want to do business, Manheim is launching Manheim ExpressSM, a mobile app for dealers. Another 24/7 option within the Manheim Marketplace, Manheim Express is a fast, easy and self-service way for dealers to list and sell inventory right from their lots or in-lane in the world’s largest wholesale marketplace.” Read the article

AirTight Design was hired to provide the graphic design of the interface, along with some of the initial front-end components. As lead designer, I developed a prototype via Adobe XD to illustrate not only the look and feel, but also the interaction a user would experience as they use the app. The screenshots highlight some of the key functionality of the app, which allows car dealers to input information on-site and post those vehicles for sale.

Note: When viewing the prototype, hotspot hints are revealed by clicking anywhere. Those highlighted areas will then take you to the next screen. Alternatively, you can scroll through the paginated pages at the bottom.

The user inputs initial details of the vehicle

The Condition section had a subset of 5 steps

The user takes or uploads various detailed photos

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