Osteria 832

About the Project

Osteria 832 is a local Atlanta restaurant that focuses on authentic Italian pasta and pizza. They are part of Homegrown Restaurants, and AirTight Design has already redesigned two of their restaurants, Doc Cheys and Dragon Bowl. I was the design lead for this project, and was tasked with modernizing their site in a similar fashion that AirTight did with the previous two.

Osteria Original Homepage

Original design


New header with slideshow


The highlight of any restaurant is the dinner menu. People want to see what is available before choosing where to eat. On the original site, users were given four menus to view, but they were only available as a PDF download. One of the goals of the new site was to showcase the extensive menu and bring it to life with images and descriptions. We also made the Daily Specials section more prominent with the ability for the restaurant to easily update each via their Content Management System.


Original menu layout


New menu design


Second only to the menu is the location. It was key to illustrate where to find the place, as well as when it is open. With off-site parking that can be tricky to find, we included explicit directions on the map.


Original location design


New location illustration

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