Lawn Dart

About the Project

Lawn Dart is a product of Old Fourth Distillery. Since AirTight Design already designed and developed that site, we were asked to do the same for a microsite to promote their new product.

The name for their ginger lemon liqueur came from the now-illegal outdoor game “Jarts” that dates back to the 1980s. If you’ve ever played it, you know that it’s “a little bit dangerous and a whole lot of fun”, words echoed by the staff at O4D to describe Lawn Dart. We were tasked to design a site that captured that spirit, and we had a lot of fun in doing just that.

Lawn Dart Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Top Shelf

Initially, the design included a pair of guys, one throwing a lawn dart while the other sips on his Lawn Dart. Ultimately the client chose a different approach by substituting the men for a flickering lighting bolt.

My proposed tagline of “It Always Hits The Mark” was also replaced with “Dangerously Drinkable”. Our development team had a good time getting the darts to animate in and land inside the targets.

Lawn Dart Initial Concept

Initial Concept

Lawn Dart Header

Approved Header

The Dart Board

One of my favorite sections of the site is the Dart Board, a fun way to present Instagram photos tagged with #DrinkLawnDart.

Dart Board

Interactive Instagram

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